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Helping You Meet and Exceed All Regulatory Standards

Whether your fleet is experiencing a high number of accidents or experiencing issues related to regulatory compliance or you just want to know if your operation complys with the regulatory environment, Progressive Fleet Solutions  is here to help. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, we provide the essential regulatory training and solutions you need to ensure your operation is safe, secure, and fully compliant with all regulations.

Fleet Safety Plans

If you are a fleet manager or owner that is having problems with your operation and looking to save money, look no further than our company. We offer complete fleet safety plans that help you meet regulations and operate within compliance standards. These plans are not limited to vehicle service but also include items related to the drivers and vehicles. Additionally, we provide updated regulatory information, which goes a long way in saving you time and money that would result from receiving a bad inspection on the road.

When you choose us, we draw upon our years of experience and training to review your current practices and offer recommendations for improvement. Then, we show you exactly how to implement these changes. In fact, we even provide solutions to any problems that may arise after we leave.

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Complete Regulatory Training

Whether you operate under the Canadian or United States environments, our firm provides the comprehensive regulatory driver training that your operation needs to succeed. From hours-of-service and load securement training to daily vehicle inspection training, we cover a wide range of topics in order to equip your team with the proper industry knowledge. This training is performed on-site, which enables your team to enjoy a hands-on learning environment where they can direct any questions to a live person and participate in exercises devloped to enhance the training experience. Another essential item that Progressive provides is course material such as booklets and job aids for future reference of the student.

Avoiding Regulatory Sanctions

Do you need assistance to prevent government sanctions? Fleet managers having problems and looking to cost effective solutions should give us a call immediately. We will review your current practices and make recommendations on how to implement new changes. We offer a plan to get you back on track and can answer any questions you may have in regards to compliance with regulations and training.

Public Image and Customer Satisfaction

The public and customers want to deal with companies that have a proven safety record and are not a hazard to anyone else on the road, that get the cargo there without damage and on time. Having a complete and effective Safety Plan in place can deliver what you need to present this image to both customers and the general public.