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Fleet Management Programs

Whether you operate a fleet of cars, light trucks, heavy trucks or a specialized fleet, a fleet review can benefit you in many areas. From optimum fleet size and composition along wth fleet maintenance programs and vehicle repair cost controls, our comprehensive services are designed to solve problems and maximize your companies potential. 

Reducing Overhead with Fleet Optimization & Standardization

Fleet size, fleet composition, makes, models and types of add-on equipment are all potential areas where improvements can save on the bottom line. Whether through driect savings in your vehicle  operating or capital budgets or through improved down time and productivity. A fleet review that looks at not only the fleet but also how it is utilized and managed can point out potential areas of improvement. 

Maintenance Programs

Maximize the potential of your fleet by reducing your downtime and scheduling your maintenance. Maximize the life-cycles of your vehicles. Comply with the regulatory requirements of commercial vehicle operation. These are essentials of a successful vehicle operation. Progressive Fleet Solutions will design an up-to-date fleet maintenance program that will fulfill this essential component of your business strategy as well as a major part of your fleet safety plan.

Controlling Vehicle Repair Cost

Wheher you are looking for great ways to expand business while reducing overhead, or just want to tweek your operation, we've got you covered. We can help you implement a vendor oversight system and show you how to monitor in-house repairs and reduce operating expenses. Our team can help you effectively manage your invoices, set up reports and reduce maintenance costs. By looking at the sourcing of your maintenance you can save money for your business. Give us a call and let us help drive your business to the next level.